About Move Pilates

“Not only is the Pilates good for the body and mind, but the attention to detail given by Alex is good for the soul too. Thank you for such a welcoming environment and ease of access online for future bookings.” – Chelsea, new participant.

The short of it is – we love Pilates. We strengthen the weak muscles and lengthen the tight ones.

Through our daily lives and formed habits we can lose body awareness, leading to all sorts of weird and (not so) wonderful body positions. Over time this can trigger muscle tightness, pain and discomfort which we come to think of as ‘normal’. Pilates is a process of helping to correct some of these habits, helping people to overcome discomfort and improve every part of their functional movement. It makes you feel better, sleep better, and move with increased strength and confidence.

Pilates is a series of exercises encompassing the core values of strength, flexibility, stability, postural awareness and spinal movement to help you feel strong, toned and flexible in no time. A true mind and body workout. People stepping out of Move Pilates report feeling instant improvements to their posture, mental wellbeing, sleeping patters and physical capabilities.

Pilates is a universal exercise which can make a dramatic improvement to the lives of everyone. We have people with all sorts of goals coming through our doors. Some are athletes looking to improve their game, while others want to relieve back pain, or simply make it easier to get up and down off the floor. The beauty of Move Pilates is we’re a team that makes your session all about your needs.

Owner Alex Morgan has built the business on a passion for wanting to help local people become more functional and efficient versions of themselves, so people can rest-assured they are getting exceptional service when they step inside a Move Pilates class.


We want you to realise just how amazing your body can feel. Our aim is to get you moving In a way you love, not just out of guilt.

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