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Beginner Reformer Classes

A low intensity group reformer class focussed on learning fundamental reformer exercises. 45 minutes of enjoyable movement centred around strength, flexibility, control and achievable challenge. Your instructor will provide you with support the entire time with demonstrations, hands on assists and verbal feedback. 

Perfect if:
• You’ve never tried pilates
• Have been inactive for a little while 
• Enjoy a gentler paced class

Move in Class
Open Reformer Classes

The next step from beginner- A moderate intensity group reformer class designed to increase your strength, flexibility, energy levels and gently increase your heart rate.
This class will provide you with some achievable challenges to ensure you continue to progress- but don’t fear- exercises can be moulded and adapted to suit you.

Perfect if:
• You have tried beginner classes and learnt the fundamentals
• Are looking for the next step
• Enjoy feeling challenged and empowered

Ready to give reformer a go?

Move from Home
Small Group Equipment Classes

A semi-private equipment class with a goals centred approach. After an initial consult each client will have a personalised program developed to address their specific needs and goals. 
Programs are regularly reviewed and progressed in 4 week blocks to assist clients developing their strength and reaching their goals.

Perfect if:
• You have an injury with a specific rehab goal in mind
• Have been inactive for a period of time and looking for more individualised support and attention 

Want to start on your Rehab goals

Reformer Pilates for everyone Online Class Max of 10 per class
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