The short of it is – we love Pilates. It strengthens the weak muscles and lengthens the tight ones.

We love it because it WORKS. In move’s Reformer Pilates classes, results, fun and community go hand in hand.

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What is Reformer Pilates

A little daunting at first glance, we have no doubt that the reformer will quickly become your favourite piece of equipment. Centred around a moving carriage, the reformer looks a little like an exercise bed, using variably weighted springs and spring combinations to create resistance. The reformer bed offers an almost endless array of applications and exercises and works seamlessly with a range of accessories, from small hand weights, to rings, boxes and springboards.  

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Benefits of Reformer

Rather than repetitively lifting bulky weights, the reformer bed allows a graceful and powerful range of motions that target small muscle groups.
Because of the reformer foundation, reformer Pilates offers a much greater range of exercises than mat Pilates. You are able to build up strength and power in your core faster than on the mat, enjoying a wider range of interesting exercises along the way.

  • Improved muscle tone and strengthen major muscle groups without the bulk
  • Unbeatable core strength
  • Improved flexibility
  • Improved balance and stability
  • Less aggravated pain points and ailments
  • Avoiding injury/safe recovery
  • Improved mental health and improved focus
  •  Assistance in weight loss

You’ll quickly become aware of teeny muscles you never knew existed – but damn they look good once they surface!

Let’s get started.

If you want; you can jump straight in with a Beginner Group Class (low impact workout) or book in for a Free Studio Tour or Health Assessment or (conversation-based, no workout).

Why choose Move Pilates over a gym?

With each class you can expect a balanced, full-body workout in a friendly, inclusive atmosphere.. Our small class sizes and personalised modifications mean you’re never left behind. We’ve got your back! (Quite literally)
Pilates is also a wonderful way to exercise if you are recovering from injury, with modifications available for every single exercise that will still give you an ass-whooping!
Our physio-based practice means protecting and improving your body’s strength, safely, is our number one priority.

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1 on 1

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Buy a Class Pack

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