8 Cardio Burn Challenge Eight

8 Cardio Burn Challenge Eight


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About the Challenge:

Our 21-day Cardio Burn challenge is a step above the rest! This one will leave you feeling; balanced, strong and unstoppable!

What you will gain: This challenge will give you a whole body workout. High energy bursts will get the heart rate pumping, increase your overall fitness and leave you feeling energised, unstoppable (and a little sweaty!)

Our Cardio Burn challenge is suitable for people with pilates experience, if you are new to pilates I would highly recommend completing our Beginner challenge first and then coming back to the goodie.

More info…

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Nourish yourself. Give yourself time to put you first.

Have a question about this challenge? Not sure if this is the challenge for you? Get in touch with our experienced team who will talk you through the challenge in more depth, and address any concerns you have before taking the leap!

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