We are a community of men and women with the same goal: movement for wellbeing.

At Move Pilates Studio we’ve got small classes (9 Maximum) to ensure individualised attention (You’ll never be lost in a crowd). 

Our personalised Move approach allows you to feel confident that we understand your body at any age and the best way for you to move it even with aches and injuries. 

Our knowledgeable instructors are trained to give you a low impact workout, ensuring you stay motivated throughout the class.

Our classes are guided by our instructor from start to finish to ensure you never get left behind. 

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What is in a Pilates workout?

A Pilates workout is on a Reformer Bed which is a bed-like frame that uses different weighted spring combinations to create resistance when moving the carriage back and forth. This is a fantastic low impact workout on your joints.

Reformer Pilates workout is ideal for:

• Strengthen major muscle groups
• Improve tone and assist in weight loss
• Build core strength
• Increase flexibility and range of motion
• Improve balance and stability
• Calm and focus the mind

After a class with us, you can expect to leave feeling stronger, more flexible and energised.

How can Pilates help you?

In the studio, you will find a diverse group of like-minded people of all shapes, sizes, fitness levels and ages.
We make time for your individualised goals, no matter what they might be.

• Core & Overall strength
• Muscle Tone
• Increased Fitness
• Flexibility
• Stress Reduction
• Weight Loss
• Improved Mental Health

Come join our community of people who want to keep their bodies, and minds, active and healthy.

older adult on reformer machine inside Move Pilates Studio

How is Move Pilates different from a gym?

Each class is guided by our caring instructor from start to finish.

The instructors use their presence to not only guide the class and correct technique, but they also motivate and encourage you to work hard and challenge yourself. 

Is Pilates just for Women?

Of course not. We have men and women of all different ages in our studio.

Is Pilates just for Young People?

Defiantly not. A Pilates workout is on a Reformer Bed which is a bed-like frame that uses different weighted springs, these create resistance when moving the carriage back and forth. Giving a low impact workout which is easy on joints making it perfect for older adults.

We strive to create a community that you want to be apart of. We aren’t like gyms or other studios, we strive to offer so much more:


Thinking of joining?

Still a little unsure if Pilates is right for you? Well now is the perfect time to give us a go… We are offering a Free Workshop or a Free Body Assessment.

Compare which one works for you?

Free Workshop

Not sure if Pilates is for you? Come along to our Workshop for Older Adults… We’ll talk about what Reformer Pilates is and discuss it’s active ageing benefits.

Our Senior Instructor’s Laura and Chloe will then guide you through a beginners class so you can see what to expect from a class and how good your body can feel.

What you get:

• Small Class (9 maximum)
• Low impact Reformer Machine workout
• Instructor technique guidance throughout the session
• Instructor questions time throughout the session
• 50 mins duration

Ideal for:

• If you haven’t done a Pilates class before
• All ages
• All fitness levels

If you’d like to Join our Free Workshop use the button below or give us an email or call us.

email: hello@movepilatesstudio.com.au
phone: 0419218324

Free One-on-One Body Assessment

During the session, we don’t judge your body. We chat about establishing personal achievable goals.

What you get:

• One-on-one with an instructor
• 45 mins duration (conversation-based, no workout)
• Establishing your goals
• Address any concerns with injuries
• Create an action plan to help achieve your goals

Ideal for:

• Previous injuries
• Feeling out of your depth
• Concerned about a group workout
• If you haven’t done a Pilates reformer class before

We want you to feel like your strongest self and we can help achieve that with our personalised Move approach.

Reformer Pilates for everyone Online Class Max of 10 per class
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