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Would you like to improve your strength and flexibility, while toning up and working towards your ideal weight? Reformer Pilates at Move Pilates Studio is designed to help you build a better body and mind. Are you feeling lethargic and tired both mentally and physically?

Are you suffering from niggling aches and pains including back pain, shoulder problems, stiff neck or headaches?

Would you like to introduce regular exercise into your life, along with some valuable ‘me-time’, to help you get fit and feel better in a sustainable way?

Reformer Pilates could be the answer for you.

At Move Pilates Studio, we created our Reformer Pilates Studio in Murray Bridge as an opportunity for our clients to make themselves the priority.

Pilates strengthens and tones the body whilst calming the mind. Through our classes, you can improve your physical and mental wellbeing with a low-impact workout offering multiple benefits. Our Pilates instructors are all experts in their fields, offering group classes and one-to-one sessions depending on your personal requirements. Whether Pilates has been recommended to you by your doctor to help with a specific medical concern, or you simply want to boost your core strength, stability and fitness, Pilates is THE ideal low-intensity exercise.


Our reformer Pilates classes are small, heart-led and welcoming. There you will find a beautiful group of like-minded women of all shapes, sizes and ages, who are all there for the same reasons as you. You will feel connected and supported as you ease into the class, experiencing the magic of women coming together to encourage each other as we all challenge ourselves and each other to become stronger. The other part of the magic is the reformer itself—an incredible bed-like carriage that will take your Pilates practice to the next level. The reformer allows us to explore a greater range of exercises to help us target the entire body, resulting in long, lean and toned muscles. Weighted springs let us create a varied workout by using different levels of resistance, meaning we can shift focus between our bigger muscle groups and our smaller stabilising muscles. I promise, you will leave class feeling stronger, healthier, more confident and with more energy (Ok… maybe with a few leg wobbles too!). If you’d like to see our reformer beds in action, featuring some of our gorgeous ladies!

What to expect at your Free 30 minute Body Assessment

Aside from strengthening core muscles, improving flexibility and aiding in weight-loss, Pilates has multiple benefits:

  • Avoid injuries and reduce pain from back problems, shoulder issues, knee pain, neck pain and migraines
  • Learn how to be comfortable in your own skin and boost body confidence
  • Build stamina and strength while increasing flexibility as you tone up
  • Practise valuable techniques for calming your mind and body to reduce stress and anxiety
  • Feel good, get fit and become more healthy in a sustainable way

Move Pilates Studio runs classes suitable for all ages and abilities. To find out more about how Reformer Pilates can help you, book your Free Pilates Body Assessment today.



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