Mother and Daughter doing Pilates

Mother’s Day is a little different this year but we still want to celebrate ALL the ISO mums out there.

Join us for our Mother’s Day Virtual Pilates
Workshops on Sunday, 10th May.

Our mum’s have been taking care of us for as long as we can remember. We’re big believers
in self-care and what a better thing to share on such a special day?

Bring your mum along and participate in one of our FREE* virtual pilates workshops with any gift voucher purchase.

Hug mum from a far with a gift voucher.

Buy a Gift Voucher for mum this Mother’s Day. Pick the amount you’d like to spend and we will gift a free class for both of you to enjoy on Mother’s Day morning.


• Exclusive access to our FREE Virtual Mother’s Day classes.

• Enter the draw to win our Mother’s Day Gift Bundle
(1 x entry per voucher purchased, Winner drawn: 10/05/20.

• A recipe card to cook for/with your loved ones after class.

Note: When you purchase your gift voucher, enter Mum’s details but YOUR email address. That way you can keep your gift a surprise until Mother’s Day.

Below mum-lovin events are FREE for anyone who purchases one of our Gift Vouchers.*

Mums &
Mini Movers

8AM – (45 mins)

Bring along your mini me’s for a class full of fun and
movement designed to keep the whole family happy and healthy! This class will aim to suit children aged between 3-10 years old, however ANYONE is welcome to join- the more the merrier.

To register for the event:
• Email us your gift voucher receipt number
• We’ll do the rest

Mum & Me

9AM – (45 mins)

Join us for a “feel good” pilates session designed to suit
anyone and everyone- no experience necessary (“open” class aimed to suit anyone aged 13years and older), the class will involve stretch and mobility movement to leave you feeling refreshed, lengthened and calm.

To register for the event:
• Email us your gift voucher receipt number
• We’ll do the rest

mother and daughter doing pilates

Mum: I love you and your super long voicemails

Mum-lovin classes are focused on self-care.

What we offer in our mum themed classes.

  • A low impact exercise focusing on lengthening & strengthening
  • Use our classes for “me time” or have the whole family join in, we love to support you in your MOVEment.
  • We focus on working your whole body: targeting strength, flexibility, stability, postural awareness, spinal mobility and body-mind connection.
  • Just about every benefit that the Pilates method of exercise has to offer can be achieved through mat work (no equipment or machines required).
  • Mat pilates does not discriminate and our team of instructors are equipped with the skills to modify any of the exercises to accommodate for injuries, pregnancies and any other discomforts.
  • Due to the versatility of mat pilates, it allows instructors to set you up in endless positions or movements and the work

More information about the classes:

Mum and Mini Movers class: will run for 45 minutes going through a range of gentle yet fun movements and exercises tailored to suit children between the ages of 3-10 years old however absolutely anyone can join. We hope to see you and the whole family together whether it be in the backyard or lounge room joining in the fun.

Mum and Me class: will run for 45 minutes and will involve a lot of stretching and feel good movements. We aren’t going to be getting sweaty and puffed in this session, it is more about getting your body moving in a “feel good” way with your loved ones. You can expect to leave this session feeling like you’ve worked your whole body through a wide variety of movements and feel nice and stretched- ready to devour a delicious Mother’s Day brekky.

What can you use the voucher for?

The voucher can be used to access our online classes or reformer services when the physical studio reopens. At Move, we totally understand that certain purchases need to fit the family budget, which is why we’re happy to offer you different payment methods for your classes.

We have several options for you to choose from: See here

T&Cs Within 24 hours of purchase, a confirmation email will be sent providing further information for our exclusive classes for Mother’s Day. You go into a draw for our Mother’s Day Gift Bundle. Winner drawn: 10/05/20. From here, we will seek your confirmation if you wish to attend the classes- once we have this we will send you further instructions for the simple technology set up in preparation for the class.
Still not sure how to purchase a voucher? Full steps below: You are going to go here to purchase your gift card.

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