Virtual Mat Pilates

MOVE your body in your own time, in your own space, with our Virtual Mat Pilates. 

A saving grace for many members through Iso, our virtual mat classes have become a wonderful way for our busy mums to stay active – so we’re keeping them on!

If you can’t make it into the studio and the reformer as often as you’d like, our virtual classes are a great way to up your workouts through the week between studio sessions.

Take advantage of live classes with an instructor watching your form, helping you stay accountable, and giving you some (often much needed) like-minded company! The best part is you can replay classes at any time, helping you keep moving no matter the time of day.

What is Mat Pilates?

Mat Pilates is a low impact form of exercise that focuses on lengthening and strengthening the body and muscles. In Move classes, we focus on working and mobilising your whole body, in the process;
• Targeting strength and stability
• Improving flexibility and spinal mobility
 • Increasing postural awareness and mind-body connection
Just about every benefit that the Pilates method of exercise has to offer can be achieved through mat work – no equipment or machines required.
We work to target all those smaller, ‘forgotten’ muscles important in helping to stabilise the joints throughout the body, working muscles as they are lengthened rather than contracted. This helps us to create long, lean and toned muscles rather than ‘bulking

14-Day trial for just $14

Access our daily live-streamed classes & experience the benefits of Pilates in your home.

If it’s not for you… no worries- you can easily cancel at any time with a few clicks.

Who is Virtual Mat Pilates for?

Ideal for:
• Stay at home parents
• Those who have to travel
• Want extra movement between in-studio sessions

What you get:
•Daily 45-minute pilates-inspired classes lead by our Instructors
• 2 instructors per class, 1 instructing, 1 with eyes on you to give personal feedback and support
• Miss your class? That’s fine, catch it on the Facebook Group later.

The beauty of mat pilates is it does not discriminate! If you’re feeling weak, broken, bloated, or unfit, we are HERE TO HELP. Pilates offers simple modifications for each and every exercise that will still allow you to get a proper workout, no matter your fitness or injury status.

Our 45 minute classes are made up of 40 minutes of strength, followed by five dedicated minutes of stretching to increase flexibility while calming your breath and mind.

Why Move Pilates?

At Move, our certified team of Pilates instructors, physiotherapists, personal trainers and overall a**kickers put your health first. Our instructors plan their own classes, ensuring you enjoy a unique workout every time.
With each class, you can expect a balanced, full-body workout in a friendly, inclusive atmosphere. Our small class sizes and personalised modifications mean you’re never left behind. We’ve got your back! (Quite literally)
Pilates is also a wonderful way to exercise if you are recovering from injury, with modifications available for every single exercise that will still give you an ass-whooping!
Our physio-based practice means protecting and improving your body’s strength, safely, is our number one priority.

Join our Virtual Mat Class

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