Would you like to improve your: strength, flexibility & tone up?

We can help.

We understand you are juggling multiple priorities everyday.

Now it is time to prioritise yourself.


We’ve created a space where you can
• Improve your general fitness
• Increase your flexibility 
• Feel better about yourself physically and mentally

All without having to step foot in a gym

What is in a Pilates workout?

A Pilates workout is on a Reformer Bed which is a bed-like frame that uses different weighted spring combinations to create resistance when moving the carriage back and forth. This is a fantastic low impact workout on your joints.

Reformer Pilates workout is ideal for:

• Strengthen major muscle groups
• Improve tone and assist in weight loss
• Build core strength
• Increase flexibility and range of motion
• Improve balance and stability
• Calm and focus the mind

After a class with us, you can expect to leave feeling stronger, more flexible and energised.

Thinking of joining?

We are confident that you will love our brightly lit studio, caring knowledgable instructors and relaxed atmosphere we are offering you a free visit with us.

All you need to do is pick which offer works for you

Free Beginner Group Class

Maybe you’ve done Pilates before or just want to suss out our studio… Now is a perfect time.

What you get:
• Small Class (9 maximum)
• Low impact Reformer Machine workout
• Instructor technique guidance throughout the session
• Instructor questions time throughout the session
• 50 mins duration

Ideal for:
• If you haven’t done a Pilates class before
• All ages
• All fitness levels

Free Body Assessment

This is a conversation-based session. We don’t judge your body.

What you get:
• One-on-one with an instructor
• 45 mins duration (conversation-based, no workout)
• Establishing your goals
• Address any concerns with injuries
• Create an action plan to help achieve your goals

Ideal for:
• Previous injuries
• Feeling out of your depth
• Concerned about a group workout

How is Move Pilates

Our hope for you is a positive and sustainable approach to your wellbeing. In place of extreme dieting and workouts we will assist you to not only regain but sustain your health. You will experience results that leave you feeling empowered and looking forward to your next session.  

With your full to the brim schedule, you need flexibility and class time choices.
We’ve got you covered.

Note to self:
stop hoping for it more then you work for it
  Lorna Jane

Reformer Pilates for everyone Online Class Max of 10 per class
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