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Firstly – half of the year is nearly over… June is nearly here – where did all the time go?

Anyway, despite a very unusual year for all of us – I’ve taken some time to pause and think about everything – life, priorities, and where our mission is heading.

All of this brings me to…

My Dilemma

A few weeks ago, we nearly had everything ready to go to re-open for 1-1 services and then we discovered some new information from the State Government that stopped us.

We stopped to err on the side of caution and to ensure a smooth re-opening would be possible. Honestly, hand sanitiser was hard to find as well!

I’m super obsessed about member experience. And I’m a perfectionist when it comes to our services (although my friends know I’m definitely not a perfectionist about certain other things).

So instead of having low hygiene stocks, I want us to be overstocked.

(That re-opening got put on hold as a result).

Anyways when we re-open, I want to make absolutely sure that the studio is crystal clean with all of the hygiene protocols and stocks required to keep everyone safe and healthy.

How You Can Benefit From This

So here’s what I’m thinking about doing… and I’d like your feedback.

I’m considering offering a limited number of discounted memberships and early access to our reformer classes. For huge savings per class.

Here’s the tradeoff:

I want you to give us feedback, and complete 2 or 3 surveys…

…and in exchange for this, you’ll get a super healthy discount off the usual price…

Oh, and you’ll get the huge savings forever.

Is This Something You’re POTENTIALLY Interested In?

At this point, I’m not looking for commitments (sheesh, we’re still looking for hygiene stocks)…

…but if you’re potentially interested in early access for the re-opening then drop me a message saying ‘interested’ to hello@movepilatesstudio.com.au

I have no clue what the interest will be, but if you and enough others are interested, then you’ll receive more details in the next few days.

I want to get this re-opening right.


Move Pilates Studio

86 thoughts on “I need your feedback

  1. Rosalie Fidge says:

    sure i would be interested i want to come to a couple of reformer classes a week and cant wait for you to open again.
    thankyou for all your hard work

  2. Kelly Kuhn says:

    Dear Move team, you have led from the front during this entirely confusing and challenging time.

    Your ability to front flip, back flip and all flips in between have been impressive!

    Why would this be any different?

    Back yourselves.
    We need you.

    Happy to provide whatever feedback you require.
    I’m one of the needy and scared customers – torn between taking the risk because I know how much I benefit from reformer classes versus anxiety from stepping out into the world again.

    Whatever happens, I know you will do the right thing. Everytime.

    Sending love and light.
    Kel x

  3. Jacqui says:

    Would love to come back but find 1 class or being a casual class quite pricey. So if it were to be more affordable then I could do all. As I’ve also stated up some other exercise & still cycling that I’m a bit of an all rounder & have missed reformer & my Pilarts family.

  4. Estelle Riley says:

    Definitely interested. Can’t wait to come back 😃

  5. Liz says:

    Interested my body needs it

  6. Alison Daniels says:

    Very interested xx

  7. Cathy Spanton says:

    Definitely interested…..

  8. Debora woithe says:

    Interested. I am happy to do some surveys etc. So looking forward to getting my health plan back on track

  9. Vicki Thomas says:

    Am looking forward to being in class again. What movement I have left, I want and need to maintain.

  10. Samone Langton says:

    yes very interested, im ready to go!!! Can’t wait to be back in the studio doing something that i love and makes me happy xx

  11. Vivienne Rosenzweig says:

    I’m keen to have the reformer studio open again

  12. Annie Hughes says:

    Yes I would love to Alex. Have loved the virtual but looking forward to the Reformer classes again

  13. Melanie Mullins says:

    Interested is an understatement!! Super keen to get reformer back into my weekly routine!

  14. Kim Crack says:

    definitely interested

  15. shavaun monjean says:

    interested 🙂

  16. Kathryn Ruggiero says:

    definitely interested

  17. Shania Molnar says:

    Very interested

  18. Chantel Vanzo says:

    I’m very interested in coming back 🙂 X

  19. Skye says:

    Definitely interested ! I can’t wait to get back on the reformer!

  20. Megan says:

    100% interested. My body is ready for reformer x

  21. Emma Judd says:

    Very interested!!

  22. Julie Schutz says:

    Very interested, I can’t wait to restart. I have missed my ‘me’ time and how good I felt after a session.

  23. Jo Clark says:

    Definitely interested. Trying to keep my fitness going but missing the reformer aspect. Fully confident in you and your girls’ protocols being 💯% 👍 and even happily anticipating winter evening classes.
    (Have hand sanitiser I can donate due to obsessive online ordering when you couldn’t get it anywhere. 😉)

  24. Dianne Schulz says:

    Looking forward to getting back to Pilates. Love the classes.

  25. Linda Clifford says:

    Interested! Sounds intriguing

  26. Delrae Thomas says:

    Can’t wait

  27. Deb Little says:

    Would love to help in any way , even if it’s just feed back
    You and the girls are doing an awesome job keeping us informed and can’t wait for you to be re opening

  28. Kerri says:

    Interested, I’ll certainly
    Need it when bubs arrives!

  29. Bianca Bennett says:

    Interested!! 🥰🥰

  30. Julie h says:

    Yes interested but getting the hang of mat Pilates as well a lot harder than I thought! Any discount would be appreciated thank you! What if we can’t use hand sanitiser?

  31. Barbara Gregory says:

    I struggle with mat – so really need reformer (I love it and all your ”girls”) I’m first in line 😂! Seriously though whatever feedback I can give; I’m yours xxx

  32. Nicole Hill says:

    Definitely interested 🙂

  33. Courtney Manning says:

    Very interested 😊

  34. Jackie Telford says:

    Hey Alex, thank you, yep interested and always happy to help with surveys.

  35. Amy Klitscher says:

    Interested ! While I’m loving the online classes, I am craving the face to face classes and reformer !! Bring it on. And well done Alex and team for all you have done over the past few weeks !

  36. Simone Cocks says:

    Very interested. No more babies for me so time to get my strength back. Oh and keep me sane while I raise two boys x

  37. Jane Grundy says:

    Definitely interested Alex and team!

  38. Chloe Jones says:

    very interested! I would be more then happy to help out with feedback 💗

  39. Gem Frahn says:

    Very Interested!! Absolutely loved reformer in the studio classes they were the highlight of my day! Kept me so motivated and accounted for.
    Couldn’t recommend you guys enough, could not get that into the virtual classes as much as reformer in the studio classes X

  40. Tamara says:

    Interested for sure!!! Can’t wait to get back into it! Body has been struggling.

  41. Kay says:

    It will be great to get back. Have walked the streets enough

  42. KERRY MCCUE says:

    happy to come back, especially as i had only just started.

  43. Donna Reed says:

    I’m definitely interested and happy to give you feedback.
    Throughout this whole thing I have felt very comfortable that you are taking the hygiene aspect and our health & safety extremely seriously and doing absolutely everything you can to protect us all.
    I have enjoyed doing virtual classes and hope that they do continue in some form (either live or pre recorded), but they in no way come close to replacing the face to face in the studio classes for enjoyment, interaction, commitment, accountability and absolute total wellbeing’ness!!! I cant wait to get back to the studio.

  44. Kay says:

    Very interested

  45. Karen Hollitt says:

    Very interested x

  46. Diana Gibbs Ludbrook says:

    Can’t wait.

  47. Jacqui Kempe says:

    As much as I have enjoyed the virtual studio I can’t wait to get back to reformer classes

  48. Jenni Morgan says:

    Definitely Interested
    I’ve been enjoying our Virtual Studio experience but really need that face to face encouragement and interaction with other Movers!
    I promise I’ll never complain about counting skills ever again 😉

  49. Kerry Daniel says:

    YAY! yes interested! Love, Love reformer but must say virtual mat got me through the craziness of COVID! Loved your quick thinking and professionalism of you all, even selling gear to help us at home! Thanks for everything, love you all!

  50. Kerry-lee Mckenzie says:

    I am interested but have not attended any classes before

  51. Leanne says:

    I have never done Pilates before but am interested in giving it a go. Do you have beginner’s classes at all?

  52. Kerry-lee mckenzie says:

    I am interested but have not attended any classes

  53. Cassie Brion says:

    Extremely interested Alex! 😍 so keen for reformer to come back and to get the bod back on the machines and to get it burning 💪🏼 You & the girls should be so proud of yourselves for everything you’ve done and kept going during this crazy time! 💛

  54. Bianca Gazzola says:

    Very interested, can’t wait! X

  55. Leanna Hines says:

    Yes!! Interested indeed xx

  56. Hayley says:

    Interested! Need to get into the groove once again 🧡

  57. Kait Long says:

    Interested and can’t wait! 🤗

  58. Kate says:

    be great to see your studio open again and would be interested but I have also really liked the convience of the virtual classes too… can I have both??

  59. Kerry Yeates says:

    This has been the only normal thing I feel I have been doing, and I have thoroughly enjoyed it at home, but I am ready to head back to the studio with the best of both worlds as I can’t come in everyday but have been doing my Pilates at home most days, the results have been amazing
    I haven’t felt this good for a long time and want to be able to do the mat classes online and reformer in the studio, when you are ready
    You and your move team have been amazing encouragement and shown enormous commitment
    Thank you all 🙏

  60. Samantha Krollig says:

    Interested! Have missed the face to face classes

  61. Caroline Holland says:

    very definitely interested: cant wait!

  62. Lisa Hancock says:

    Interested 😊

  63. Martina Zarantonello says:

    Very Interested, missing my classes terribly. I cannot wait to return to Pilates 😊

  64. megan says:

    Very interested

  65. Jessica Johnson says:

    Hi, yes I am interested.

  66. vicki stokes says:

    Interested for sure. I love the flexibility of the video link classes at home but probably require more accountability. Would be keen to do both if it was an option.

  67. Jo Heward says:

    Very interested. Having knee surgery next week but am keen to get back to reformer as soon as I can.

  68. Karen says:

    Interested , would be new to me, never tried before.

  69. Analise Gates says:

    So unbelievably keen to get back to reformer!!

  70. Anne deVries says:

    Can’t wait

  71. Jessica Cornish says:

    Interested! Looking forward to getting back into reformer! Thanks for keeping us so informed.

  72. Merrawyn J Hansen says:

    Alex and girls, thanks for your updates.
    I’m definitely interested – so need those machines!
    Am happy to start all over again – in non graduating Beginner Classes!! x HaHa

  73. Julie Egmanis says:

    Very interested – but love the virtual morning classes as well as being in Mannum find the virtual fit is great with my working hours but quite happy to add a couple of reformer classes if suits

  74. Katrina says:

    Yes , interested . Reformer is a rewarding challenge that gives a whole other strength and it compliments my other fitness routines . Welcome back to a new normal. X personally looking forward together in straps – 1/2 a class of that would be awesome thanks 🙏🏼

  75. Hannah Elliott says:

    Interested and excited!!

  76. Stacey Kempe says:

    Yes, interested!
    Cannot wait to get back on the reformer and see all your faces again xx

  77. Kylie South says:

    Getting back on that reformer seriously can’t come soon enough💪🏻

  78. Deborah Tiver says:

    Definitely interested…..thank you. Need my Move team…..so unmotivated to exercise!! 💜

  79. Sally says:

    Yes please, I love the reformer and very keen to be a regular!

  80. Franciska Ferreira says:

    Yes please, very interested and missing the reformer classes!

  81. Kylie Matthewson says:

    Interested in getting back into moving again and so is my back. Really need it. 👍

  82. Judy Nottle says:


  83. Kristine Dalitz says:

    Interested and can’t wait. missed everyone

  84. Matilda Hughes says:

    Super interested, happy to help in any way I can!! I’ve missed my Pilates routine a whole lot!! Can’t wait to see you all in person real soon xx

  85. Karen Bensch says:

    Interested! Thanks for your on going commitment to our community.

  86. Jane says:

    I have had back/nerve issue not sure if you can help? But need to get strong again!

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