Hey there, hope you’re having an awesome day and have been enjoying this week’s updates.

Anyways…as you probably know, we’re reopening soon to 50 people.

Now check this out…I’m going to run a little contest here and give a Move membership (2 times per week for 3 months) to one winner: I’ll choose the winner on Monday evening.

This is YOUR chance to win a Reformer Pilates membership.

This Will Only Take a Couple of Minutes…All You Have to Do Is Answer ONE Question 

In the comments section of this blog post, tell me…

  1. How you think a Move Pilates Reformer Pilates membership can help you over the next 3 months

(Note: If you’re particularly excited about getting back into shape fast, physically and mentally – then…let me know EXACTLY which aspect you most want to achieve).

That’s it!

Entries with more SPECIFICS have a better chance of winning.

On Sunday, I’m going to go through every single one of your responses and award the winners early Monday morning. If you win, you’re gonna get

  1. Access (2 times per week) to reformer classes at Move Pilates for 3 months, where you’ll receive guidance and support to build a body you love.
  2. A support squad to celebrate with you when life is going good, and to help pick you back up when life throws it’s challenges
  3. Fun times!

I’ll award one winner.

I’m really excited to read your entry and hear what you have to say…

Good luck!


Move Pilates Studio
P.S. I’ll update you early next week if you are interested in early access for the reopening of our studio.


101 thoughts on “How to get a Reformer Pilates Membership for free

  1. Milaina Gregory says:

    I really want to start moving my body in ways its never moved before! I want to feel good, healthy and overall fabulous! Time to start taking take of myself!

  2. Monique Cain says:

    I started out at Move Pilates studio and was really enjoying it. I then lost my job and had to stop going. I am newly engaged and getting my nutrition on check and would love to be able to get back into pilates to help me achieve the body i have in my mind for my wedding! I was reaping the rewards from pilates both physically and mentally and would love to get back into for my physical and mental health and to blow my fiance away on my wedding day!

  3. Chantelle Anderson says:

    Not only to get back into the studio but to get a smokin hot bod for cairns, get my hour of me time/driving-thinking time again and if I have to do anymore nutcrackers at home looking like I’m giving birth to my son again whilst he kicks me in the face I think I’ll lose my shit 😂

  4. Jane mason says:

    I would really love to win the free reformer membership as I feel I have slipped away regarding my fitness & strength due to a back/nerve condition which is taking months to get right. I am not sure if it will help but I am sure you/team can let me know & give me guidance. It would feel nice to be a small group of people again too!

  5. Bianca Bennett says:

    Hi Alex,
    I would love to be considered for the 3 month free membership because during the time of absence with Pilates- my life has changed in such a great way.. I got engaged!! due to price of weddings and celebrations, keeping fit is not on my highest property list- due to the funds being spent elsewhere. Every girl dreams of a fairy tale wedding right!!
    I feel this would help me do all the things that make me happy, planning and pilates. Pilates is a great stress reliever and always assist with the happy hormones, to get through this time that is exactly what I need.
    We are also saving for a house I would love to still have the opportunity to have a lifestyle outside of the ‘budget’. Being considered for this competition will be greatly appreciated more then you could imagine.! My body needs a good stretch and that feeling of accomplishment at the end of each class.
    Thank you for the opportunity xx

  6. Jenni Filsell says:

    Loved doing reformer pilates with Louise. But my job interferred, working 454 hours in North Adelaide just didnt fit the schedule. Now I work 9-5 monday – friday in Nairne, nice and close.
    Changing from a hospo job where I was on my feet ALL day to now sitting at a desk, my body is really starting to lose its tone and feel meh! But getting back into the swing of exercise is always tough.
    Winning pilates passes would really give that push to get my body back to where it likes to be.
    I loved that “nice feeling” pain the day after a class!!!

  7. Chloe Elliott says:

    I started doing a 12 week eating challenge on Monday so would love to do pilates 2 days per week to support the resistance training and healthy eating I am doing. This would give me something to look forward to as I love pilates but I don’t enjoy pushups and burpees and other exercises in my resistance training as much haha 😂 I am also doing uni online and am staring at a screen all day, so would give me a chance to get out of the house, work hard and have a stretch!! Thanks guys xx

  8. Julie Egmanis says:

    After doing the virtual classes the past number of weeks I have found my body has responded to the mat exercises but I feel because I have major issues major issues with my back. The reformer classes would help me immensely as would not put as much pressure on my back & joints whilst I strengthen my muscles, ligament’s etc I also find this has helped me mentally as I am starting to focus on my well being from all aspects of my health. The reformer classes would enhance what I have started to improve my health.

  9. Gem Frahn says:

    Hi Alex, & Ladies,

    I Would love to win and have access to a free 3 month membership. This is exactly what I need to make a come back after baby Frahn is born!!
    I am super keen to get back into routine with reformer classes. Very excited to get back into the right mental head space & most of all to get back into shape and feel myself again after being pregnant – as your body changes so much over 9 months growing a little human!
    Just super excited to be back in the studio and being social again with you all!! I actually miss the burn and everyone’s bad counting- and to win this would top everything!!
    Thanks so much for the opportunity and its great you are offering it to someone who will deserve it ! x

  10. Bev says:

    I have found Reformer pilates to be the only exercise that provides a whole body workout include weight bearing, stretching and even cardio, while giving my body the support it needs to prevent injury my back or joints. Since I spend a lot of time sitting in front of a computer, and I am getting a little older, getting the whole body moving safely is very important to me.

  11. Marg Groth says:

    I so need to get back in Pilates as I have become a couch potato.

  12. Victoria Goodall says:

    Pilates over the next 3 months (and longer!).. can simply help me get my life back and find myself again. Having 2 kids has made me lose myself as a person, at the moment I’m just ‘mum’. I want to be Victoria again, and mum. Pre kids I was healthier and fitter and made the time to exercise but i find myself losing that time now. I need to start making time and working to be the best version of myself, for me and for my kids to look up to.

  13. Maggie MacNeill says:

    This will help me kickstart my nutritional, physical and emotional wellbeing by lighting the fire that sadly has gone out in the last couple of years. A desk job, busy hours, exhausted in the evening and spending weekends playing catch up. Its time to plan a routine that includes my physical well being so I can pair it with eating better which also improves emotional well being. These three things are the key to a balanced, healthy and exciting new life. Strength, coordination and balance is a key element Reformer Pilates can add to my little Happiness recipe 🙂

  14. Pria Martin says:

    Hello. What an awesome competition and fab prize. What would 3 months free membership do for me? Allow me to continue on my journey. Over the last couple of months, like so many others, I haven’t been able to operate my business and then I lost my part time job so currently have no income. I can start operating my business from Monday but instead have my first chemo session. 3 months membership would allow me to attend classes to help my immune system through exercise along with helping my mental state. Being involved in a environment which is both supportive and engaging will help me to keep on top mentally while still exercising the body.

    1. Jacqui Kempe says:

      Congratulations Pria, you are definitely deserved winner, I hope reformer Pilates will help to keep you strong both mentally & physically while you undergo your treatment. I know you have got this, best wishes Jacqui

      1. Marg Bessen says:

        Congratulations Pria – glad you will have Pilates to think about and do as opposed to chemo – it will be a refreshing break away from drs, hospitals etc – all the very best. X

    2. Franciska says:

      Congratulations Pria!!! All the best and enjoy the rest of your Pilates Journey 🎉💐

  15. Jenni Morgan says:

    Pilates at Move became such an important part of my weekly schedule, I felt quite lost and disorganised when we first began Social Distancing.
    I enjoy the physical and social interaction to the maximum and can’t wait to get back into the Studio xo

  16. Peta Davis says:

    I am struggling with anxiety and depression. I need my ass kick ed into gear because the longer I stay in this fog of blah the worse it gets. I just can’t get motivated to regularly exercise on my own and it’s been a while since I moved properly. I’m not old enough to be feeling this old. I want to look and feel like I care about myself again. I want to feel comfortable in my skin and smile and mean it. I have been prescribed an antidepressant but I’m determined not to take it. I don’t want to be on medication if there’s a natural alternative. Exercise has helped me before and I need to get back on that wagon and back to my best self. My body needs this but more importantly my mind needs this.

  17. Jade says:

    I would love to win a membership! I have never tried pilates before and would love to give it a try. I want to get back in shape and loose the muffin top baggy excess baby skin from having twins 18 months ago, i want to feel comfortable, confident and sexy in my body again! Also I think it would be good for my mind as well, a chance for me to have time for myself. Whats good for the body is good for the mind!

  18. Barbara Gregory says:

    I just love Pilates and most especially reformer. I unfortunately have had a multitude of physical challenges over the years; back surgery, ruptured Achilles’ tendons each leg and a knee replacement- just to name a few! So I never thought I would again find a form of exercise I could do let alone enjoy! And yes I am limited at times with what I am able to achieve, but if and when I do finally get there the satisfaction is enormous. I can’t thank you and your staff enough for their encouragement and support. And while winning the 3month membership would be amazing; I’m sure there are other people more deserving! I’ll be there anyway and just so excited to be back to experience all the little changes that occur in my body! xxx

  19. Jane Grundy says:

    Hi Alex, the 3 month Move Pilates reformer membership would be fabulous as it would make me more accountable for my health and fitness again, during the past few weeks I have definitely let my goals slip. it’s been too easy to just come home after work, make tea and sit on the lounge and snack. Have enjoyed the virtual classes but feel that the live classes make you accountable for your actions.

  20. Deb Nulty says:

    I really enjoy going to Pilates class. I love that I get to move my body and have better resilience and don’t hurt. I feel fitter and have a great mind set. I put this down to the fact that the staff are wonderful they will adjust an exercise to suit and understand that sometimes it harder than other. Not to mention being with other people that have same mind set, and can enjoy a joke or to. I miss the atmosphere as well.

  21. Keren says:

    I’m looking forward to restarting what I started earlier this year – with classes stopping a week after I started, I don’t feel like I had a chance to give it a proper go. I’ve really enjoyed the virtual classes and the improvements I’ve noticed in my strength already, but I’m looking forward to being around other people while I learn, which I am sure will improve my learning experience. I can’t wait to get back in the studio and have some proper time to focus on my health while everything else in my life is stressful and uncertain. Also need to shift a few iso kilos, so adding in a bit of extra cardio when I walk up the hill on the way to class will be an added bonus!
    Love your work, Alex and co!

  22. Crystel Allen says:

    I really loved doing Pilates until a few health issues and surgery stopped me from me from being able to attend. Once I was well enough to return I struggled financially and a few life things happened. But now I’m ready to get back and find a healthier and happier ME. 😊

  23. tammy broadley says:

    As I havent been doing much exercise since covid I have to get back into it , I have to do exercise for my strength to my bones, because of my health problem the medication I take can give brittle bone prematurley if not in top of it. My work hairdressing the pilates helps with my neck back and shoulder muscles. And also put the flabby belly back into shape

  24. Vicki Thomas says:

    I know that Pilates has kept me well. But now more than ever I need to get back to my favourite ❤️ wellness program. This is to help me maintain my abilities, as the Dis-ease I have trust to progress. I believe Pilates helps me keep going.

  25. Laura Heard says:

    I have suffered shoulder pain after an injury in 2012 – with my current job driving aggravates it. To have a free membership To get me motivated and moving would be a game changer .

  26. Nicole Tomlinson says:

    Being a mum of two to a 22 month old and a 3 week old I don’t get much ‘me’ time so would love to win a 3 month Move Pilates reformer membership to get back into the swing of things, and also get that little break once-twice a week. And what better way to do it than to be visiting you lovely ladies and working on my health 🙂
    I have come to a few yoga classes in the past which I loved. I’d love to try something different and see what reformer is about 🤞🏽🙏🏽

  27. Melissa Mcinerney says:

    The 3 month membership would give me the motivation to push through my PTSD & severe depression. Prior to Covid-19 Pilates kept my mind free of the trauma, the classes had me push my body like I hadn’t pushed myself since joining the army. Pilates has you feeling intense pain but It also managed to make me smile, feel comfortable and supported by the class instructor. The only thing I looked forward to were my 3 classes a week. Pilates has been my saviour. I can’t wait for the 8th June!!

  28. Diane Martin says:

    Wow. where to start. Carol and I started, I think its been 3 years now and boy what a journey it has been. Meeting all you girls, members and staff, has been wonderful. Getting fitter and into shape have been my goals. Then with all that has happened over the past 3 months it’s been hard to keep it all up. So it would be good to get back into some kind of wellness and fitness routine. But I will be back no mater what. ❤️❤️

  29. taissa chorney says:

    Pilates is a great way for me to continue injury recovery and help me get stronger without risk of making my injury worse! I really enjoyed the sessions at the start of the year, not just for the fitness aspect but for the internal growth too. You ladies Really do a great job at supplying a warm and encouraging environment.

  30. Megan Johns says:

    I would love to be considered for this as I have found motivation somewhat lacking as social distancing has gone on and have found it all too easy to sit on the couch and veg instead of doing a virtual class or a make up class.
    The hour a week that I went to the studio gave me the chance to really focus on me without distractions and unwind from all the crazy in the world.
    It would be great to get back into the studio to get a little of me back after focusing so much of my energy into work during this time. And enjoying the time with everyone who are also there just to feel better in themselves mentally and physically
    Hoping to see everyone soon 💜

  31. Nicole Hill says:

    I’d love to win a 3 month membership to get back into a fitness routine, help me reach some weight loss goals and improve my state of mind. This year I went back to work part time after maternity leave and haven’t managed to organise myself into a regular exercise routine, partly because I’ve gone back at reduced hours and so a reduced income and partly because I’m a shocker for using excuses (too tired, no time, not enough money etc the list goes on). Winning this membership would give me the head start I need to quit using excuses and get back into regular movement and into a routine to continue in the future.

  32. Emma Judd says:

    I fell in love with Pilates. Once I has my first one-on-one, I knew this type of exercise is for me. As I had some injuries it made other forms of exercise extremely hard and uncomfortable, but this gave me something different. After starting classes I noticed so many changes in myself and so did those around me. I felt so much happier after a class and I was ready for what ever that day would throw at me. Even though I haven’t been doing Pilates for very long it helped me physically and mentally. I can not wait to get back into the Studio and continue doing something I love and enjoy.

  33. Julie Schutz says:

    When I first started pilates I was in so much pain and was really quite depressed with where my life was headed. My back pain was debilitating and affected me in all aspects of my life. Once I started pilates and was committed to doing two lessons a week, the progress I made was incredible. I found my backache eased and eventually disappeared. My mental health improved and my whole outlook on life turned positive. I have truly missed my Pilates and the health benefits I had gained. Soblooking forward to restarting soon.

  34. Anne deVries says:

    I’m so looking forward to starting Pilates again as I have a few physical challenges and Pilates frees me up and lessens the pain I feel great after a class

  35. Katrina Kluske says:

    Well as much as I am looking forward to getting back to adding reformer into my wellbeing plan and yes a 3 month membership for free would be awesome..BUT I would rather my daughter Crystal be the lucky winner – she is studying uni , working a couple of days a week and has started a little business creating beautiful graphic art for little charge. This is all to cover her day to day expenses, so some things are not viable financially – I am super proud of her achievements and mostly she is well aware of her own wellbeing and fitness , seeking always to encourage a healthier way to live. It would be my gift to her to encourage her love of healthy living. “lastly I know she loves reformer” xx

  36. Samantha Krollig says:

    Coming to pilates and seeing others inspires me to want to move, to feel good, to eat well and to encourage others. It makes me so much happier in myself & life generally. I feel stronger physically and mentally, my focus 3 months of strength building physically and emotionally. Its time to focus on me!

  37. Ben Gogel says:

    I would definitely take advantage of and welcome the 3 month membership as I think being football injury prone, my body would thrive off of the low impact (but tough🥵) workouts. Pilates would be a refreshing new style of exercise for me coming out of isolation and it would push me out of my normal comfort zone. Plus I really enjoyed the couple classes I got to attend as a gift before covid!

  38. Kerry Daniel says:

    I absolutely love reformer pilates! I was introduced to it last year and never experienced anything like it. I will come regardless! I would love the free 3 months for my daughter Meg (not sure if this is allowed but trying anyway). She has struggled with back pain for a few years now and never complains (well never is probably too strong!). I really believe reformer pilates WILL help her and winning the membership will be the gift that keeps on giving.

  39. Kara McLaren says:

    I am 10 weeks away from having my first baby and I would love to continue to build strength and mobility with reformer Pilates right up to and post arrival. However, it’s not just about physical fitness but also using mindful movements to connect my mind to my body and take some time for me before the concept of ‘me’ takes a little break and takes in a whole new dimension .

  40. Marg Bessen says:

    Just trust me – I need “moving” – I believe Pilates keeps my old bones turning over – it has given me confidence in my balance – now here’s the “stinger” – If I were to win I would like my membership to go to a person he needs Pilates and maybe is finding it expensive for her/him – very happy to pass on to a “younger” person to encourage to attend. ( keep up the good work team )

  41. Christie Schopp says:

    3mth reformer membership! What a prize! After finally being able to have a procedure to (hopefully 🤞) fix a bulging disc in my neck, I’d love to get back to Reformer classes to slowly rehab my injury and get back to where I was when I was a regular Mover. Pilates is the best thing I’ve found for both my physical and mental health. And I’ve bloody missed all your faces these last few months! 😘

  42. Bre-arne Charlesworth says:

    I need some fitness in my life! At the moment (other than work) I don’t move my body at all and my husband and I have been trying for a baby for 4years without success and we are just starting with Repromed to begin a more expensive and testing process. 1 step from starting ivf. So I was to give myself the best chance by getting my body moving. I think this is a great way to do this because it’s moving my body in a great environment! I’ve been looking at move Pilates studio for a long time and I think it’s about time I join in! Thank you 😊

  43. Rhianon Golledge says:

    I would love to be considered for a 3 month free membership. Exercise makes me happy and helps reduce my anxiety. X

  44. Kerry-Lee mckenzie says:

    I would like to win the free reformer membership as I am new to Pilates and on a low income this opportunity would help me to feel good about my body and gain some confidence

  45. Annie Hughes says:

    I have been doing Pilates with Alex since she started. I have been lucky enough to see her little business grow. I started as I had trouble with neck pain having to see a chiropractor regularly and bad achilles. I have not been to the chiropractor for 2 years and no longer struggle with achilles pain. I am so excited to be back in the studio and see everyone. I have missed our laughs.

  46. Emily Gregor says:

    What a prize! The generosity & passion for all your clients will never stop amazing me. I’m excited to get back into the studio to keep my last 4 months of pregnancy healthy, happy & balanced. I know how valuable pilates is to stay strong during this time, especially my core… and the bonus is it will help me bounce back once bubs is Earth side! A free membership will also help out after taking a hit with not being able to run camps/job loss during this time…. but most of all, I miss my lil pilates family & the piece of serenity its creates in each of my days ❤

  47. Ash Marcus says:

    I’m currently 15 weeks pregnant & am struggling for motivation to get out of the house to exercise. Free classes would allow me to have accountability and help me maintain my strength throughout the later stages of pregnancy.

  48. Chelsea says:

    Everyone wants free classes, right?
    And we all need to feel a little more bright.
    To move our bodies and grumble at teachers
    Makes for much better looking peaches.
    Getting away from the humdrum
    I really want to achieve a flat tum.
    So I’ll work really hard and prioritise,
    And hopefully I will win this prize.

  49. Debora woithe says:

    Hi guys, I joined your move Pilates group almost 10 months ago. I came to you because I wanted to loose weight, get better flexabilaty and movement. I had saw knees and limited movement in my right arm. Joe told me that it would take about 12 months to achieve my goals. I was making really good progress with 3 lessons a week and then this covid happened. I am so keen to get back into it and get back on track. I am having trouble with my knees again which makes me sad. I would have loved to have seen where I would have been at the end of my twelve months. In any case I can’t wait to get back into to reach my goals. I don’t think I would stop going as I love the feeling it gives me and I so just enjoy my own little piece of time that is just for me. Thanks girls for all that you do. I think you have got a fabulous team Alex

  50. Rachel Strong says:

    I can’t wait to get back to reformer as it changed my body and strengthened me more than I realised and did far more than mat Pilates has achieved for me (although that has been a brilliant solution). I had surgery in March and was diagnosed with endometriosis and although I have returned to fitness and Pilates, I feel I need to get back to reformer to reach my full potential again! And I can’t wait to get on track to making some big health changes moving forward, and know reformer will help me achieve this.

  51. Shylie Paul says:

    What a great prize!!
    For me to win 3 months of reformer classes would be the perfect start to my new health journey. After a recent visit to the Drs, I am now more aware that I need to take better care of myself and what better place to do it than at Move Pilates with support of a great bunch of ladies

  52. Deborah Tiver says:

    Mentally – to put my thoughts into my physical well being and improve the great feeling of accomplishing a class to enhance my mind for the day with positivity and knowing I have done wonders for my soul and my body. Physically – loving that I’m toning and strengthening my body with the best exercise for me with the kind, knowledgeable , caring and lovely Move Instructors and Spiritually, having a feel good contented calm that not only boosts my wellbeing but makes me very grateful. And to share all of this with like minded people is something pretty damn special……!

  53. Sally Patten says:

    Hi Lovelies!
    Well you know I love the Studio and have for a good few years!

    Hitting 40 (which apparently is young) meant I hit a few other other unexpected health hurdles too. I’m going to return 2 x a week regardless of winning or not but of course winning would make life a little sweeter.
    I love the laughs, inappropriate comments (Alex), poor counting skills, jump boards, magic circles (joking, I swear during these) and the incredible workout out and feeling during and after a visit.
    I also love how you make everyone welcome and comfortable regardless of age, size or fitness level. Can’t wait to be back real soon!!!!! X

  54. Jo says:

    Hi, you terrific women.
    I will return to doing reformer either way, as it has been one of the main (and surprising) comforts in my life since I started a year ago. I was amazed at how much better my body and mind felt due to Pilates and I don’t want to lose the gains.
    Coming into winter now, it will help keep some movement in my day, when work ends and I go home in the cold and dark. Without it, it’ll be hard to maintain my motivation and condition through the winter.
    Plus it prevents me from turning into a total hermit 😉…. as it’s a lovely social addition to my life, that’s completely disconnected to work.
    Thanks for the generous offer of a chance to “reform myself!
    I love your business model. 💐

  55. Cheryl Neville says:

    Hoping it gives me the mental motivation (Something I’m lacking at the moment) to restart Pilates again.

  56. Jo says:

    Hi, you terrific women.
    I will return to doing reformer either way, as it has been one of the main (and surprising) comforts in my life since I started a year ago. I was amazed at how much better my body and mind felt due to Pilates and I don’t want to lose the gains.
    Coming into winter now, it will help keep some movement in my day, when work ends and I go home in the cold and dark. Without it, it’ll be hard to maintain my motivation and condition through the winter.
    Plus it prevents me from turning into a total hermit 😉…. as it’s a lovely social addition to my life, that’s completely disconnected to work.
    Thanks for the generous offer of a chance to “reform” myself!
    I love your business model. 💐

  57. Karina Harvie says:

    I am really keen to get back into something I love that helps my body physically and mentally. I feel my whole body needs toning that pilates makes such big difference with. I just need that motivation to help me to keep at it!

  58. Karen Bensch says:

    I would love to win a 3 month membership! I have trouble committing to regular reformer classes and yet when I go I absolutely love it! Love the feeling of achievement and the interaction with like minded people. I feel this would be the push I need to get stronger and healthier. Good luck choosing a recipient Alex…a lot of well deserving ladies out there.

  59. Brooke says:

    Hi Alex !
    I would love to have the opportunity to win a membership with you and your team. I have been admiring your gym from afar for quite sometime but haven’t taken the plunge to sign up due to finances and battling a chronic illness. I know Pilates would be great for me Physically and mentally and strongly believe this will give me the ‘push’ I need to hop out of bed and start working on my health! I need to do this for myself and my children !

  60. Chantel says:

    I would love to win a 3 month membership! With baby #2 on the way it will be good to get back into Pilates during my first pregnancy I had so many benefits from Pilates I felt strong, my pelvic floor was strong and had I no back pain!! I can’t wait to get back into the studio 🙂

  61. Julie helgeson says:

    I would love to get back into reformer Pilates at the studio. It’s been a challenge to do Mat Pilates online but also fun. I need to keep going as it will help me to get stronger.

  62. Julie helgeson says:

    I would love to get back into reformer Pilates at the studio. It’s been a challenge to do Mat Pilates online but fun.

  63. Franciska Ferreira says:

    I’ve joined Reformer Pilates classes at Move Pilates about 10 month ago and started to feel muscles I thought I never had😯The aim was to strengthen my muscles while trying to loose weight. By attending the Reformer classes twice a week, I’ve managed to maintain a steady routine + balanced diet and therefore lost 10kg in the first 6 months. I’ve also noticed the following changes: improved flexibility, balance and increased muscle strength and tone, particularly my abdominal muscles, lower back and buttocks!!! I love the fact that I’m starting to get addicted to exercise

    1. Franciska says:

      Oops, screen froze.

  64. Megan Burt says:

    I cannot wait to get back to reformer!! I was on my own little path to achieving some personal goals both mentally and physically attending all my classes prior to this “hurdle” that has been thrown in our way over these past weeks. Between my particular work commitments, that had increased dramatically during this time, I really struggled at home to continue to maintain the same level. Just getting back on track with reformer I believe I can get myself mentally back on track to then get my physical strength back again.

  65. Shawna Denman says:

    Move Pilates would help me become motivated to keep my body moving and make me accountable. After getting back into Year 12 after the holidays I’ve lost motivation to regularly exercise due to being so busy and just feeling like I don’t have the time! I love Pilates and it helps me stay mentally positive so this would be amazing!

  66. Franciska Ferreira says:

    I’ve joined Reformer Pilates classes at Move Pilates about 10 month ago and started to feel muscles I thought I never had😯The aim was to strengthen my muscles while trying to loose weight. By attending the Reformer classes twice a week, I’ve managed to maintain a steady routine + balanced diet and therefore lost 10kg in the first 6 months. I’ve also noticed the following changes: improved flexibility, balance and increased muscle strength and tone, particularly my abdominal muscles, lower back and buttocks!!! I love the fact that I’m now addicted to exercise and can’t wait to attend the Reformer Pilates with Alex’s team again. Last but not least was the impact Reformer Pilates made on my mental health! I could not get up from the floor or kept my balance while tying my shoe laces and Reformer Pilates exercise gave me mentally such a boost of confidence and Therefore making it so much easier to maintain my exercise program!! To win the prize of free membership for 3 month will be such a blessing and boost for my ongoing weight-loss and mental health. Thank you for the opportunity Alex!!

  67. Jessica Johnson says:

    I would love to get into shape, i have been on a journey of getting fit and healthy, and i have heard that Pilates is a great way to strengthen your core, and your whole body. Weight loss is also something i want to keep in check. I am also aware that Pilates is great for your joints, in particular for me – my knees. It would be great to win a free membership for 3 months.

  68. Louise says:

    I’d be super excited to win this prize to make myself accountable for putting me first for a few days a week! I’ve lost my motivation for fitness and this will help me find my spark as well as looking after my health and well-being for the months ahead…

  69. Diana Whitehouse says:

    I have always wanted to try palates but the cost has always be an inhibitor. I have listened and read many stories of it benefits but always stopped short. A free membership would push me over the line to truly experience the benefits for myself and hopefully keep my ever aging body moving.

  70. Martina Zarantonello says:

    I’m not sure where to begin, firstly I don’t care if I win this prize I just need what I call “My Pilates” to reopen again. After 30 years of dedicating my life to the farm, working 7 days a week, giving every minute to my children and my husband, I have finally found the courage to dedicate time for myself, my time, something that is mine and finally learning to say no to other commitments as Pilates is my becoming my biggest commitment and these are the reasons.

    I first started Pilates due to severe back pain, wear and tear on my lower back caused through milking cows, carrying heavy buckets of milk etc while pregnant and wanting to avoid strong pain relief and surgery, I achieved the results I wanted. I gained movement which I did not have previously, strength and flexibility, the biggest improvement was no more back pain.

    Once I achieved this beautiful natural pain relief for my back I could then really enjoy the mental side of Pilates. It is the only place my mind totally switches off from the pressures of society, I forget the farm, the work and totally enjoy that it is my time to concentrate on me. I love the flow of the reformer, the ease in doing the exercises, my joints move, there is no discomfort but a challenge at the same time. After a hard class, I feel proud of myself that I could do the exercises and completed my class, very satisfying and empowering.

    The instructors are all caring gorgeous girls, nothing is too much trouble for them, they a warm and welcoming. The Move Pilates ladies that come in to do the classes are all lovely as well, you can enjoy a conversation with a complete stranger as we are all here for the same reason.

    Move Pilates is my little sanctuary to escape from the outside world.

  71. Ash says:

    Thank you for this opportunity. Where do I start, I’m one of those mum’s who don’t really spent money on themselves unless it’s totally necessary, so commiting to something I’ve never tried before is a big thing for me. I’ve always thought that your studio would be great for me as I’ve done yoga and Pilates (not reformer) in the past and have really enjoyed it and I struggle to enjoy other types of gyms.
    Since having my second almost 2 years ago (via a really botched c section putting it lightly) I’ve struggled with both my mental health and physical, my mental being post partum depression as well as my younger brother passing away a year ago so am also grieving and have severe anxiety and ptsd, so I’m hoping not only will it get me out there it will pick up my mental state, and physical I’ve lost my flexibility and also back strength and general muscle strength, which I don’t seem to have much of any more. I also think it will help with my arthritis and pcos.
    Last of all I really need some me time, and between 2 young children, full time study, family commitments, house work, and house renovations I don’t get that. Thank you again for the opportunity. ❤

  72. Casey DeMichele says:

    Firstly – thanks so much for the amazing work your whole entire team has been doing throughout this time! The way you have changed things and adapted to put us all at the top of your priority list has been so great and I’m so thankful (and clearly many other people are too).
    I used to do reformer pilates back in Adelaide in conjunction with our netball training and when I moved back to Murray Bridge it was so nice to have pilates available I remember starting at your home studio in the pergola and I remember being so excited when you first started talking about opening your reformer studio as I loved reformer so much. I started doing reformer when you had it available but eventually I had to stop as I was unable to afford it consistently.
    When I saw your virtual studio I joined and became so excited and fell in love with pilates again. It has been such a great and affordable option for me to be able to continue to do. I would love to win this membership and combine it with the virtual pilates at home.
    Looking through the comments your team has clearly done so much for this community – you’re a great asset to the region and I’m sure whoever the lucky winner is will be so very happy and deserving.
    Thanks so much for everything xxx

  73. Merissa Porker says:

    I’m quite new to Pilates and Reformer classes for three months would mean a strong and aligned body with healthy stabilising muscles. Moving in such a healthy, gentle yet challenging way is both healthy for the body and the mind. As I get older I find myself wanting to move for longevity rather than just offsetting indulgences.
    Moving makes me a better person in every aspect.

  74. Simone says:

    At the age of 16 I was involved in an accident in which I fractured my back. This injury has come back to cause significant pain and I really need to strengthen my core..doctors orders! I have previously attended classes while pregnant but with seven children at home and COVID impacting employment its just a dream to get back into the studio for some me time and work on myself.

  75. Kylie Matthewson says:

    Hello Move team,

    I would be greatly appreciated to go into the draw for the 3months reformer classes. I have grown up being active and over the years of having my three boys I have lost that active ness. I have slowly started to get that back with some determination since having number three 8 months ago but gee it’s hard. I am not working so no income on my side as I am still mum at home I see this as the perfect time to set those goals and start moving to be that active person again and show my boys why movement is the best medicine. Doing the mat classes has been fun but the short time I had on the reformer before covid was more beneficial and I just started to see some difference in my core strength and my lower back started not hurting in the morning which is another reason I decided to take it up. I started with Alex back at your old property on the mat and moving to the reformers has been a great move for us all. As I can see so many benefits from people’s reply’s inside and out and would love to keep that movement up to help not only myself, my body but be the best mum I can. Your help Alex and team so far has been great building on this would only be more beneficial. 💪🙌 thanks.

  76. Jude Cross says:

    I have never tried reformer pilates before, but have heard terrific stories of the results you are acheiving. For myself to have a stronger core which in turn will help with a stronger overall body. having recieved a voucher for Mothers Day this year Iam super keen to give it a go. A beautiful day starts with a beautiful mindset.

  77. Jane Gregurke says:

    I love Pilates, you’re counting though 😂. I loved reformer but have also been pleasantly surprised at how much I have enjoyed mat pilates as well. When I started this journey it was to regain lost strength and mobility due to injury/joint degeneration. I am terrified that if I stop I will literally seize up. More than that though, I have finally devoted a few times a week to be me, for me, the person, not mum, nurse or any other hat I wear.

  78. Linda says:

    Oh god… where do I start haha
    I’ve been away far too long! Can’t even blame covid as it was even before that.
    My life had some big changes early 2020 which we’re great, long awaited and necessary for the health of my back. But with those changes came some equally tough challenges mentally.
    Have I got what it takes?
    Am I good enough?
    Will everything work out?
    Never before have I been so hard on myself, judgmental on my body and filled with self doubt.
    I need a kick up the butt, my strength back and be able to walk without limping after a work day.
    I also have a wedding to attend and want to look as hot as my cousins and dance all night long!

  79. Hayley says:

    After having my second baby 8 months ago I have gained so much confidence as a mother and in my personality but lost a huge amount of confidence in my body. I have always been fit and strong and am really struggling to make time for myself and build up my strength again. I tried a fitness challenge recently and didn’t do as well as I thought I would and I need like minded people to be with me on my journey. This would be amazing mentally and physically for me and get me away from the kiddos for a bit 😉😂

  80. Tamara says:

    What can I say. To have a free membership would be absolutely amazing. Due to covid getting in the way I had to stop classes and couldn’t do the virtual classes. Move Pilates helped me physically and mentally and helped me walk again without having days on end being in so much pain I couldn’t put pressure on my legs at all without having excruciating pain. I can not wait to get back into it. To build back everything I gained and more from when I was attending move Pilates.

  81. Jayme-Lee McKay says:

    If I was to be awarded a move Pilates reformer membership I would gift it to my amazing mum. This membership will help her in many ways.. mum works extremely hard to support my brother and I, she works long hours and doesn’t very often get to enjoy ‘me time’. Mum and I enjoy excercise together but I know that she will love having something, like a reformer class twice a week, to look forward to. She will be 50 later in the year and tells me that she needs to start more low impact exercise to help her knees, I know that reformer Pilates is a great, low impact form of exercise that will be gentle on her body. However, mum loves a good sweaty workout and I know that reformer Pilates is just that!
    You’ve got an amazing team and being apart of your community would be an absolute privilege x

  82. Samantha Stratton says:

    I would love to be able to do Pilates twice a week, as I’m about to have my 2nd bubs in 3-6wks and I would love to be able to keep in shape. It would also be going out of my comfort zone and trying something new.

  83. Mel says:

    Hi! Really REALLY REALLY want to get back into exercise…no time like the present as everything is opening again, however after months (ok probably years) of not moving my body is getting stiffer than ever after exercising – which deters me from doing it! Before I hit my lull I would go to the gym in morning and Pilate a few days in the evening….I can honestly say I FELT AMAZING! 3months of Pilates would assist me in getting back to the gym and MOVE-ing again!!! Xx

  84. Nicola Walsh says:

    3 months of pilates memberships will help make me a priority. The challenge at the end of 2019 helped me see what i can achieved with pilates. My goals for the next three months is to put myself first (again), touch my toes, not fall off reformer and to be able to enjoy the smiling face of the instructors a minimum of twice a week. Move makes me physically and mentally stronger. I look forward to making the next 3 months my strongest 3 months since joining move.

  85. Kass Dalitz says:

    REHAB REHAB REHAB!! That’s what I’ll be doing 😉 My surgeon said that he hadn’t seen a knee as wobbly as mine in a long time and he was really surprised that I was walking as well as I was! When I said that I had been doing Pilates this past year he said that it was probably the thing that had kept me going as long as I had been!! I know that Pilates has helped me with my strength and stability not only with my knee but also my dressage. I can’t wait to get back on the reformer and back in the saddle! 💜

  86. Emily Szapanos says:

    After a spinal fusion 3 years ago I have been afraid to do physical exercise. After looking at myself with clear eyes I would love to lose the weight I have gained due to inactivity and gain back my core strength. I want to be proud of myself again and not living in fear of movement.

  87. Cheryl Shoumack says:

    A membership would help me find myself again after being almost housebound for 4 years while dealing with depression

  88. Sharon Thurston says:

    I am so keen to get back on a reformer. I’ve missed all of it. The movement, the structure and the endless counting. I need to get back to putting my body’s needs first. I just want to feel like me again. Thank you 🙂

  89. Renee says:

    Move Pilates Reformer Pilates membership would help me over the next 3 months because I’m a new time mumma bear! I gave birth in the water (which was awesome) but I now have back pain and neck pain and I’ve already had some injuries in the past that have flared up and need strengthening again! Money is tight after having a child so this would be amazing! X

  90. Trish says:

    Would love to be considered for the 3 months, I had just started and I was really enjoying Pilates but convid started. It was really helpful too.

  91. Leanne Hines says:

    To finally commit and creat a routine of mummy is a priority time – creating some space for me to have my moments zen out and move – to realign physical but also emotionally and spiritually – I try to create habits at home but need the accountability, I’m so quick to put my needs last. This Muma needs a kick up the butt to honour herself!

  92. Maria says:

    Wow! Move pilates- If I remembered correctly I think 6 or more classes I did, then covid attacked- I really felt sad and bit down, coz I told myself that pilates is really helped me a lot, I have been complaining of heavy shoulder pain, and back pain, being a member and did 2 classes a week absolutely helped. Cannot wait for the re opening, my body needs pilates it really helps strengthen my body, I am really

  93. Jamie-Lee Jones says:

    When I first started at Move Pilates I was in the worst shape of my life both physically and mentally. Alex and the girls made me feel so welcome and helped me become part of a community. Through their support I was able to lose weight, increase my self confidence and feel the best mentally I have in years.
    Being off work and having a forced time away from my community has had such a negative impact on both my physical and mental wellbeing. Getting back into a routine, making healthier choices, connecting with like-minded and positive women with or without the 3 months free is a gift in itself. Bring on my community. ❤

  94. Kelly says:

    Winning a 3 month membership is a reminder to us all of the constant generosity from Move Pilates Murray Bridge.

    This opportunity speaks volumes of a culture created by strength of mind and body. By leaders and Move members. A true community.

    The feeling of being able to conquer the world after you’ve conquered a class. The wonder and amazement at the number of different strengthening moves – limited only by imagination. The ability to breathe easier. To think clearer.

    The mat in isolation has been immensely helpful, but for me, Reformer is the pinnacle. There are hurdles of excuses (travel time, snooze button option, juggling life, finance, sore muscles). It’s easy to slip. I fly solo so much in life now having retired from team workplace & sports – I need a crew behind me cheering my backside over those hurdles.

    This is truly a gift that keeps giving.

    There will be many deserving winners.
    Good luck Alex and team! x

  95. Simone Cocks says:

    I can’t wait to get back into Pilates for a few reasons. 1- to get my strength and fitness back after having my beautiful boy. 2 – get back out in to the community and be around like minded women.
    3 – keep my mental health in check. After my first Bub I had post natal depression so would love to not go down that path again after Bub no 2.

    Looking forward to being back in the Move Pilates studio real soon x

  96. Judy says:

    I have been doing pilates for 3 years now and it has helped my back so much, that I have not had 1 treatment since starting. I love doing reformer and it’s become part of my life.

  97. Serenity Carson says:

    For many, many years I have struggled to find and commit to exercise that I enjoy. It turns out that Pilates is THAT exercise that I enjoy, and I still can’t quite believe it something like it exists!! I was very new to Reformer Pilates right before the virus hit, and here I am still feeling super ready and committed (and have LOVED the virtual studio, by the way), so I can’t wait to get back into it again.

    Mentally, Pilates has been a lifesaver for me, as I really, really struggle to switch off my monkey mind and consequently to prioritise my health over other things that constantly demand my attention. Physically, I obviously want to enjoy ALL the benefits of Pilates, but strength is a particular area of focus for me. I find Reformer to be such a beautiful balance between switching off mentally and challenging myself physically, while still enjoying myself and feeling like I am making a 110% worthwhile use of my time. Throw in the confidence boost and each wonderful instructor, and what isn’t there to benefit from a membership?!

    Looking forward to seeing you all soon xxx

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