It’s time to focus on you. 

Learn to move your body the way nature intended.

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Are you tired of working your butt off at the gym without results to match?

It’s time to work smarter, not harder. Experience the move difference.

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Move at Home
Group Classes
Pilates for people with Injuries

Every body is different – and so is. our approach.

Move Pilates is no sweaty, smelly gym.

Our studio is more than just a place to exercise. Filled with friendly faces, build a strong body to be proud of while having a little fun!

  • Smaller classes.  
    With smaller class sizes, we can check in with everyone throughout the class, and tailor the exercises to what you need each session. This helps those that need a little extra support but continues to push those that need it to prevent a plateau.
  • Inclusive.
    Our sessions help members develop their strength/ achieve their health goals regardless of their age or past injuries. You might be unable or unwilling to attend a classic gym/ HIIT session, and that’s okay! At move, we can get you moving in a way that is comfortable, effective AND fun.
  •  Full body workout.
    There’s no dreaded leg day around here. Every session is an opportunity to develop strength across your entire body, so if you miss a session, you don’t miss a body part!
  • Ongoing support. 
    We offer complimentary consults every 30 days for our members. This is an opportunity to check in with goals, test progress and make new goals. During this consult, we provide members with additional resources to aid in achieving those ongoing goals – whether it’s to be able to hold bub for more than five minutes or control a particular emotion.

Get your move on.

Memberships start at $39/pw

Why Pilates

At the heart of Pilates is functional movement. Without dramatic loading, Pilates offers a full body workout, working to create long, lean muscle while harnessing your balance and strength within small, nurturing class sizes.
Pilates focuses on improving organic movement and proper form, improving your ability to go about your day. Picking up the bub has never been so easy! Injured? Pilates allows for simple modifications for injuries that will still allow you to get a proper workout, if not improving your overall strength and reducing your pain points overall.

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Here’s what our members say:


Light and bright studio and fantastic friendly staff who are always able to ensure exercises are performed correctly, or offer alternatives if you have injuries or difficulty, and a great variety of structure in each class. Always a good experience!


Highly recommend doing a One on One session at Move, to ‘tune in’ with your body’s needs! I’m recovering from injury/surgery, and have really needed some guidance on what is suitable for me. The girls here are all so helpful and caring, I’m super impressed! Group classes are also fantastic 🙂


Alex and her studio is amaZing. I have suffered from a lot of back pain and weakened stomach muscles since having kids and she has helped me gain back my strength in my back and my abs. I highly recommend her, especially to those with back pain.

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