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You don’t need to ‘fit’ or ‘flexible’ to start moving with us

Regular Pilates is beneficial for every body, shape and fitness level.
What you’ll gain with regular Move classes:

  • Increased strength and muscle tone
  • Improved flexibility
  • Elevated energy
  • Renewed motivation
  • Regular and deliberate self-care

Now you just need to let us know how you want to get started…

Chat first, then Move
Chat first, then Move

First Steps Consult

If you are unsure if pilates is right for you or are nervous deciding where to begin, let’s take the overwhelm out and simply start with a chat.

Our first steps consult is a complimentary visit that helps us to get to know each other better. During this 30 minute (in-studio) chat we will: 
• Establish your goals
• Address any of your concerns like injuries or past experiences
• Answer all of your questions
• Create an action plan to help you achieve your goals

This no pressure chat is designed to help give you a clear idea on who we are and how we can best help you.

Move in Class
Move in Class

Reformer Membership Special

Have you been searching for movement that will leave you feeling strong, flexible, be joint-friendly but most importantly something you enjoy doing?

Then a Reformer Pilates membership with Move is exactly what you have been looking for.

Our Progress membership is our most popular offering among our community giving you access to:
•4 discounted Reformer classes per fortnight
•A goal setting session with a studio instructor at the beginning of your membership
•Review appointment every 30 days, for the duration of your membership, to track your progress
•Endless support for your Move community

To get you started we have a special just for you

Experience the full benefits of our progress membership for half the price with your first fortnight just $49!

Move from Home
Move from Home

Online Membership Special 

Are you looking for the results, vibe and support of an in-studio class- from the comfort of your living room?

Move from home is perfect for you.

Our affordable monthly subscription includes:
• Unlimited online classes, with 2 brand new workouts uploaded every week
•Access to our extensive library of nutritionist developed recipes to assist your health journey
•Mindset and goal setting sessions to help you make achievable and sustainable habits
•Entry to our online facebook group full of Move cheer leaders ready to support and motivate you

The best news? You can trial our Move from Home membership for just $14.

Still, have some burning questions?
Check out some of our frequently asked questions here 

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