Free Reformer Pilates Class

Do you want to strengthen your body and tone up? Or maybe you’d like help achieving a healthy body weight?

Reformer Pilates classes are a perfect way to achieve both those goals!

A whole-body workout that builds strength without adding bulk, Reformer Pilates will:

  • Improved muscle mass and muscle tone
  • Improved flexibility and mobility
  • Improved posture and balance 
  • Long, lean muscles
  • Transform you into a healthier and stronger version of you!

If you’ve set goals around getting fitter, stronger or leaner this year but aren’t quite sure where to start, take this as your sign that the time is now.

On Sunday the 19th of September at 11:15am we’re running a free beginners workshop and we’d love you to be there!

We’ll have a chat about what Reformer Pilates is and the benefits you can get from it, and we’ll run you through a beginners class so you know exactly what to expect.

So, if you are keen to

  • Strengthen your body but haven’t found an activity that you have enjoyed or been able to maintain
  • Learn and move in a small environment surrounded by other beginners
  • Find an activity that not only gives you results but leaves you feeling amazing

Register for the free beginners class
Sunday 10th of October
Session 1: 11:00am
Session 2: 12:30pm

We are offering just 8 spots to allow us to serve you in the best way possible

What our movers’ say about us:

Reformer Pilates for everyone Online Class Max of 10 per class
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