Move Pilates Studio Open Day

Sunday 13th August
39 Lookout Dr, Murray Bridge

Ready to feel stronger, more mobile, and energised?

Have you been feeling stuck in a rut, out of routine, tired, and unmotivated? Have you been talking about prioritising your physical and mental self better, but not acting? Wanting to feel energised, motivated, and like yourself again, but unsure how to make that happen?

Reformer Pilates could be the perfect solution for you! It’s a whole-body workout that builds strength without adding bulk, improves muscle tone, increases mobility, and decreases any posture-related shoulder and neck pain you may be experiencing. It’s a great all-round workout that can transform you into a healthier and stronger version of you!.

Plus, there will be:

  • Open Day specials
  • Incredible door prizes
  • Short talks on the benefits of Pilates
  • Coffee and snacks supplied

Come and try Pilates for free at our Open Day on Sunday 13th August from 8am to 12pm!

Choose one or more free 30-minute classes across various types of Pilates including Jumpboard, Open, Beginner, and Stretch Pilates


Jumpboard Pilates

Focus: Achievable whole body movement with intermittent Pilates jumping throughout the class

What to expect: A whole body workout infused with heavy jumps, light jumps, and all the fun in between


Coffee & Chats

Health Benefits of Reformer


Open Pilates

Focus: Achievable whole body movement- with (optional) challenges throughout

What to expect: A whole body workout where you can explore movement and develop your Reformer Pilates practice at your own pace.


Coffee & Chats

Classes available and what’s right for you


Stretch Pilates

Focus: Improving your flexibility, mobility, recovery, and relaxation.

What to expect: Feel good movement that will leave you feeling open, bendy, and recharged.

Open Day Specials

Only available on Sunday 13th August

Join a movement membership and receive your first fortnight for free on sign up + free pair of Pilates socks and 1 week free pass for a friend

Join us for a day of movement, fun, and community. Whether you’re a seasoned Pilates pro or a complete beginner, we can’t wait to welcome you to our studio.

1 awesome day.

  • Sunday 13th August
  • 8am-12pm
  • 39 Lookout Dr, Murray Bridge

Let’s move through stress and towards a calmer, more resilient self. See you there!

Reformer Pilates for everyone Online Class Max of 10 per class
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