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Alex – Studio Owner

Reformer Pilates + Mat Pilates Alex is the heart and soul of the business and her personality is written into everything about it. Her sessions are individual, focussed, fun and a truereflection of her genuine desire to make other people feel better in and about themselves. After completing mat work qualifications in 2016 and setting up the business, Alex is now working towards a clinical diploma in Pilates.


Reformer Pilates + Mat Pilates Chloe has been with us from the very beginning. Her focus is to help clients lead a healthier and happier life through Pilates. Her commitment is to make all Move Pilates clients feel the best they can, each day. She discovered the exercise herself after having her second child and needed a low-impact workout to rebuild her strength, balance and general wellbeing. What she also found was an incredible solution that helped her regain core strength and alleviate her lower back pain. Chloe particularly loves that Pilates keeps her feeling strong and in tune with her body, giving her great body awareness and allowing her to better understand her strengths and weaknesses. Now she wants to pass this knowledge on to you.


Mat Pilates Jess is an occupational therapist and mum to two young children. She discovered pilates during her first pregnancy and loved the strength she was able to develop in this time. Jess now loves teaching these principles in Mat Pilates classes, so that whoever walks into the studio can get a great workout that benefits their body and mind, and is suitable for everybody!


Reformer Pilates + Mat Pilates Joh moved to Murray Bridge 5 years ago and has been with Move since its conception. She is a firm believer in doing what you love especially when it comes to exercise. Her philosophy is “if you dislike something or don’t enjoy it it will feel like a punishment. If you aim to move your body doing things that are fun, a challenge and keep you interested you will be able to make it part of your life. This is what pilates is for me and what I try to bring to all classes.”


Clinical Pilates + Reformer Pilates As with many of our instructors, Laura has been with us since the beginning. As a trained Physiotherapist, she has worked within Murray Bridge and the surrounding communities for 11+ years in the public health and community setting. Laura is a firm believer that movement can benefit everyone. Now teaching our clinical and reformer Pilates classes she is able to help others achieve their goals and find strength within movement.


Reformer Pilates + Mat Pilates Stacey is an occupational therapist, well accomplished local netballer and much-loved member of our Move community. She is empathetic, positive and challenges you to be the best you can in each session. Her goal in life is to help people. Stacey loves being able to offer opportunity for those in a rural town to move their bodies. People can choose a class that works for them and even in any class, it can be adapted to make sure it meets their needs on that day.

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