Renee Wakefield

Can you let us know a sentence or two about yourself.

I’m a single mum to my beautiful girl Olivia and a nurse of 18 years. 

I’m a daughter of incredibly supportive parents, a sister, an auntie and a friend.

 My motto in life
‘One Day/One Beach at Time 🌊’

What is the biggest challenge you’ve overcome?

I lived away from family when my brother underwent chemo when he was 25. I struggled not being home for my family. Separation, It’s massive and throws all sorts of challenges.

I wish that here I took time for me- I didn’t.

I’ve been nursing for nearly 18 years. I have seen stuff I never want to see again, I have been there for people during the hardest moments in life and helped others overcome obstacles.But here I am, loving life. Each challenge has helped me grow into the caring, compassionate, understanding person I am today.

What are you most proud of?

My juggle. I work between 2 Hospitals (work all shifts), coach netball, run a household and single-parent my girl. 

I have been a single Mum throughout her whole life and together we manage to juggle life like no other. We love to camp and go to the beach.

Like most people, i’ve had my mountains to climb. I am super proud of the person, and mother, I am today.

What does “being healthy” mean to you?

To me, being healthy means my body is moving the best way possible, at the time.

Most importantly my mental health is in the best mindset possible. I have a little girl looking up and watching each step I do. I want to show her the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle which isn’t only physical. Being healthy involves your mind, body and soul.

What’s your pearl of wisdom for someone to overcome times when looking after themselves is not always easy

It is knowing that ‘it’s ok not to be ok’ and that asking for help or advice isn’t at all a failure.
It’s ok to ask for help, make mistakes, have bad days and not know everything, just be you! Somedays are harder than others, just be kind to yourself and others always.

How has Pilates with Move helped you in your Journey?

I started my Move Pilates Journey 2022.  I think I may have stalked stories for many months prior to joining and taking the (nervous) plunge of giving it a go.  WOW- how thankful I am i did. The amazing team were so welcoming.

At first I noticed subtitle changes. How physically strong and calm I was becoming.
Before I knew it, i was hooked,  Pilates was part of my routine. It was scheduled into my days, between shift work and juggling school and sports.

I am mentally at the strongest I have been in many years. I have used Pilates for “me time”. I can walk in after the most horrific shifts at work, or a stress mum day, and after class I walk out a new person. I feel absolutely revived & refreshed!

I love that Move is for all walks of life, all ages and abilities. It caters for everyone. Being in class amongst all ages with beaming smiles, makes my day.


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