Why having a routine is important

Take back control with a daily routine

Healthy routines can help us feel happier and more in control of our lives – especially when facing challenges    

Why do we avoid things that we know are good for us and will, in the long run, make us happier?  

The theory is we’re far more concerned with our present self than we are with our future self – especially if the costs of the choices we make today don’t show up until far into the future. The truth is though, establishing a healthy daily routine will give us a sense of control over our lives – something we could all really do with right now!

Because we don’t see an immediate reward, we often don’t do things now that will be of significant benefit to us in the future. Having a healthy daily routine is one beneficial habit that so often slides in the face of opening a bottle of wine, staying in bed, or collapsing onto the couch after a long day.  

Getting up early to move our body can easily lose out to the temptation of sleeping that little bit longer because, in the present moment, it feels so good to just roll over and keep our eyes closed. Fitting in a workout at the end of the day may not seem as appealing as grabbing a tasty snack or glass of wine and zoning out for a while on the couch because the last thing we feel like doing after a long day is putting in more effort. But the thing is, we know a regular healthy routine will build our happiness and health over time and that rather than experiencing health issues later in life, we could instead be feeling strong, fit, and healthy. The problem is, endorphins aside, today’s workout is not immediately gratifying, and that’s why we don’t always do it. String several of those ‘not today’s’ together and suddenly we’re several years older and not in the condition we wanted to be in. But that’s not how it has to be, and we can take control!

Move with us, from anywhere Welcome to the Move Pilates virtual studio

Routines help us cope with challenges and uncertainty

Having routines can help us cope with change and reduce our stress levels. Studies show they are calming, reduce anxiety, and help us feel more in control of our days and our lives. Positive health routines also benefit our bodies by helping us to eat better, drink more water, and keep our bodies active and moving (leading to those long-term health benefits I mentioned above).   Now that COVID-19 has turned our world upside down, we’re having to do things differently. As a result, many of us are struggling with the feeling that loss of control. Developing a healthy daily routine at home is one way you can take back control and do something that will benefit not only your physical health, but your mental health too. By taking the time now to lay the foundations for a healthy daily routine, you can start incrementally building a habit that could last you – and benefit you for – a lifetime.

Cultivate a positive daily habit and prioritise your self-care

To help us all take-back control during these uncertain times, Move Pilates Studio has developed a virtual studio. Whether you’re here in Murray Bridge but are self-isolating so can’t make it to classes, or if you live anywhere else in the world and would like to take back control with a daily routine, we’re here to help!  

We’ll be providing you with multiple real-time daily workouts that are suitable for ALL fitness levels, specially designed so you can do them at home without any equipment. You’ll have access to an exclusive Facebook group where you can stay motivated and cheer each other on, and you’ll have access to healthy and delicious recipes so you can nurture your body as you build your strength.

Take back control with a daily routine! 

To join our virtual studio, take back control, and start building your healthy daily habit. 



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