Kickstart Reformer Pilates Program

Looking for a fitness studio that is results-driven, and you can enjoyably commit to?
Feeling ready to feel good?
We have created a Reformer Pilates program to kickstart your year in the best way

The Details

Kick-starter is a 10 week Reformer Pilates program that will support you to create a maintainable-and-balanced movement routine for yourself.

Program Dates: Monday 6th Feb- Sunday 16th April

3 x Reformer Pilates

Classes per week, for 10 weeks⁠

One-on-one introduction

To Reformer Pilates

welcome pack

Tote bag, t-shirt, socks & booklet⁠

Weekly check-ins

Encouraging of course

completion celebration

Session to celebrate YOU

Program Investment

Deposit: $99

& $69 per week, billed fortnightly, for 10 weeks

*Fortnight payments will not begin until Monday 6th Feb 2023.

Bonus Offer

Join the kick-start program today and receive exclusive bonuses including: 6 bonus classes, a move from home bundle and nutrition pack = $800 in added value for free


I decided to join the 10 week program, to try something new, to gain strength, to feel physically and mentally healthier.

From the very first day I felt so welcomed and supported by all the wonderful instructors.

Over the 10 weeks, I have tried all the different classes. I love the layers each instructors put into the routine, you can move through the layers or just stay at the first layer. I like to move through the challenges and push that little bit further each week. 

All the Instructors are approachable and lovely ladies, they all teach differently and have some real challenges and tricks up their sleeves. They are always accommodating when your body is a little achy, sore or you have an injury, as all the movements can be modified to suit your needs. When your coordination gets in a kerfuffle, they quietly explain the movement in steps to you, nothing is a hassle, everything is achievable.

I tried a stretch session, it felt like a massage, not exercise 😊 😊

I have thoroughly enjoyed my movement sessions each week, it is ‘ME’ time.
Thank you! – Daph

Elevate your physical and mental health

Improve your flexibility and mobility

Strengthen your body and decrease pain

Release weight

Feel motivated and energised

Be apart of a community

Frequently Asked Questions

Don’t see your question here?

If you have any questions, we are here to help. Call us today and lets chat

What will I pay today?

$237. This fee covers the program deposit and first fortnight. The remainder of the 10 week program fee will be split into 4 x $138 fortnight payments beginning on Monday 20th February.

If I join today, what will I receive?

If you join today you will receive:
– An invitation to book your one-on-one introduction to Pilates session
– 6 Reformer class pack on your mindbody account to use before your program start on Feb 6th
– A digital link to download your at home video bundle to start moving between now, and the program start date

You will receive your welcome pack at your in person one-on-one introductory session.  In this pack you will receive your: Move merchandise, welcome booklet and comprehensive nutrition guide so you are ready to go for our program start date.

When can I use my bonus Reformer Pack?

As soon as you like.You will have from the date you sign up- to 6th Feb to use your bonus Reformer classes. If you are away on holiday, we can help to extend the class pack for you to use for extra classes throughout the 10 week program.

How many classes are there a week

We are open 6 days a week, with 38+ classes to choose from. You can check out our timetable here to see what times would suit your schedule.

I’ve never done pilates before, can I still join?

Yes you absolutely can! All of our classes are suitable for every body! No matter your age or fitness level you are welcome to join our classes and Move your body.  Our team of experienced instructors are there throughout class to support and guide you through the movement every step of the way finding the best options for you to get you moving in a comfortable and joyful way – no experience necessary!

Is this program only for new movers?

No! If you have moved with us before, and would like to restart your practice we would love to have you. If you are a current member on a fortnightly package with us, please click here to book a time and we help you.

What if I have an injury?

That’s okay, you can still attend classes.  We work closely with you, supporting you to move your body in a way that feels best for your body.  We communicate with you throughout class to see how you are going and if something doesn’t feel right that’s no problem – we’re always happy to adjust or modify movements to nurture your body and have you move your body confidently.

What if I’m unwell or on holidays?

If throughout your 10 week program you become unwell or unable to attend classes you can contact our friendly admin team who can extend the expiry dates on your unused passes to give you a little more time to use them up.  These passes can be used as extra classes when you return.

What if I can’t make a class for one week?

Your program will run in fortnightly direct debit cycles.  Once your payment is deducted you have 14 days to use up your 6 passes for that fortnight, you can use these however you wish eg. If you did 2 classes in the first week you could do 4 in the following week to use up all of your passes before the fortnight ends.

Reformer Pilates for everyone Online Class Max of 10 per class
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